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I’m a little bit Angel and a whole lot of Devil.  I have been interested in BDSM before I even knew there was such a thing as BDSM.  Asa girl, I used jump ropes and socks, ties and shoelaces, and whatever else I could get My hands on to bind My siblings and My friends.  My emptied toy box would serve as a place to keep my captives while I’d sit on the lid and verbally taunt them.  I was always playing the teacher, the strict disciplinarian with a belt or a paddle by My side   I am still a sadist and if I don’t have you blind folded, you will see My smile growing bigger and bigger with each whack of the paddle.


I still love the schoolroom and playing teacher.  There are so many ways to teach and punish My students, I can only list a few.  Forget traditional  paddling and knuckle wrappings with a ruler, those are a given.My students can expect to be dragged by their ears and have their hair pulled,their faces slapped and spit on. They can expect to be humiliated, dressed like a girl or made to wear only a diaper. They can expect to be made to crawl on their knees, sit in the corner tied to the chair, whipped with a belt or made to clean the chalkboard with their tongues. Backtalk will result in their mouths being washed out with soap or a bar of soap might just be used as a gag to ensure that they stay silent.

When giving an over the knee spanking, I like to feel My student’s hand gently and slowly rubbing the calf of My leg as they beg for forgiveness and promise to never disappoint Me again. When I tell them to stand up again, I like to see their faces stained with tears. I like to leave marks on My students bottoms,red swollen welts that will remind My students of their lesson learned every time they sit down for the next three days. I like to give My students homework, a poem to memorize, a torture technique to research or some simple reading to expand their minds, so that when they are sent back to Me, which they always are, I can see how serious their promises to never disappoint Me again really were.

Ah, but here is where My dual personality comes into play. I also like being the student, dressed in Her plaid skirt, a little too short for the strict dress code and Her white knee-highs covered by Her heavy black combat boots instead of those girly Mary-Janes, who teaches Her teacher the lessons. With one kick I will get My arrogant teacher to his knees and once he is down on the floor, clutching his crotch in agony, I like to slap him across the face, spit on him and watch My spit roll down his face until I tell him to lick it off.Perhaps I was sent to him because I was caught smoking in the girl’s room, then I will blow smoke in his face and put My butts out in his mouth. By the time I leave, he will know never to mess with My teen angst ever again.

Here are a few more of My favorites:




Corporal punishment

Role playing

Age Play

Forced feminization/sissification/cross-dressing

Sissy-maid training



Face slapping

Boot/foot worship

Smoking fetishes and human ashtray

Complete Mummification:

This is my favorite! To be able to do everything that I imagine usually requires a double session. This is one area in which to explore more, you may book a 3 to 4 hour session.
For those who are new to extreme bondage, I WILL be very patient and quietly talk you through any initial fears or freak-outs when you first discover that you can not move. Once you trust that you are in good hands, My hands, you will let go of all your fears, relax and enjoy this new universe where you have absolutely no control.

Once I have My mummy, there are so many places I love to go.
I like to incorporate sensory deprivation and sensory overload in the scene.  I prefer the sensory overload,whether it is sensual or sadistic or a combination of the two.  I also like to take this into the medical room - the operating room - where I am your sadistic surgeon.

Imagine being under anesthesia.
Imagine being paralyzed, but aware.
Imagine not being able to see a thing.
Imagine hearing what is being said, the buzz of the medical equipment, the clinking of metal implements.
Imagine not hearing a thing, only the feeling of the cold instruments against your flesh.
Imagine feeling like you are being cut open.
Imagine not being able to scream.
Because I have.

Don’t be fooled by My slender build and My big blue eyes.  My arms and legs are strong and powerful.  I am sick, twisted and very creative and I am very proud of it!